Travel Guide/Links

We have assembled some helpful travel links for your use, please let us know how they work out for you, we use them personally but would love continued feedback from you-

Train Tickets-

Plane tickets-

Vueling is a Spanish Airline that has cheap flights around Europe so if you need a connection while in Europe check with them..

Best day to buy airline tickets is Tuesday or Wednesday. We have used all these booking sites personally and it's just a gamble who will have the best flight on which day going where. So check often and erase your cookies each time you do a search so they don't track your searches.

Car Rental-


Same things with car rentals, check all the sites during the weekdays for the best deals and make sure that they cover the collision damage waiver in their price or it will cost more when you pick up the car.


Best way we have found to see a new city is take a Hop on Hop off bus and get familiar with it. Then go back around a few more times and see where you want to get off and spend some time. We still use it for transportation in cities that we are familiar with because it's cheaper than taxi's.

Travel gear-

Travel Help-

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