Exploring the World

So far we have lived in four different parts of the world in the last 8 years. Having moved back to the USA the end of 2019 after being outside it. We are happy to call Venice Florida our home for now. It feels good to experience the good old American comforts again. But we are starting to miss the castles on every hill in Italy.

We were in Italy for the last 6 years and Justice who is only 9 lived there most of his life. He is fluent in Italy and of course English, I am so jealous. I wish I could say I was fluent in Italian but I am embarrassed to say I'm not. Many times while living there I used Justice to translate for me😁. Unfortunately it's very true the older you are the harder it is. 

Prior to Italy, before Justice came to live with us full time, we lived in Sai Gon Viet Nam for 14 months. It was truly an amazing and eye opening experience, talk about culture shock. The people are so wonderful and kind and love us American's, we are all celebrities there. Getting our picture taken on a regular basis did become a little annoying though. The beauty of the county and the people is a must to visit. Message me for information if you are planning a trip and I can help you hit all the hot spots as well as a few you won't find on the travel channel.

Now living in Florida we are looking forward to exploring here and the southern part of the US on days off and Justice's school breaks. He has seen more of the world in the last 9 years than most adults do in a lifetime but now we want to show him some of the US so he can learn more about his own country.


Join us on our travels and adventures here and beyond while we learn to explore with our new puppy, Sunny. We have been promising Justice a puppy for awhile but it took a little settling down and the right kind of dog that could continue to travel with us. Meaning airplanes, buses, trains and boats and we hope we have found that in Sunny. 

The picture I used for the background of this page is from our trip to Greece, a view from a hill overlooking Oia, the island of Santorini. While it is very picturesque on Santorini don't miss all the smaller islands when you visit they also have allot to offer with fewer tourists.

Enjoy your journey, wherever it may lead you and please share it with us in the comments below:

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Mt Shasta California USA
Lisbon Portugal
Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro
Falkland Islands Penquins
Panama City
Playa Azul ShortsNFlipFlops
Horseshoe Bay Bermuda
St Pauls Bay Malta
Chocolate making class Malta
Royal Palace Armoury Torino Italy
Playa Dante Costa Rica
Civitanova Beach Italy
Civitanova Beach Italy
Harmony of the Sea's Caribbean cruis
Playa Danta Costa Rica
Justice at Playa Azul Costa Rica
Playa Junquillal Costa Rica
Junquillil Eco Resort CR
Justice's 7th Birthday in Italy
Casa Tre Querce Italy
Colmurano Italy
Tanzania Africa
View from our apartment in Sai Gon
me at Nina Spa in Mui Ne Viet Nam
view from our apartment in Sai Gon
San Marino Italy
Val de Orcie
dinner in Orvieto
working at Casa Tre Querce
Pasta making class
Matera Italy
Matera Italy
All inclusive Wine Tour
Sarnano Italy
Colmurano Italy
Colmurano Italy
Gubio Italy
Frasassi Caves Italy
Bologna Italy
Bologna Italy
Bologna Italy
Bologna Italy
Mount Shasta CA USA
Dulles Airport USA
Italian school day
Rimini Italy
Rimini Italy
Rimini Italy
another late night
The Vatican Rome
another late night in Rome
Photo Apr 16
Civitanova MC Italy
Airplane ride to Italy
Palermo Sicily
pizza pizza pizza
Valentines day in the US
Costa Rica child labor
mexican food in CA
Italy trio
Mud bath in Costa Rica
Rice Patties in Bali
Me in Greece
About Us

Susan here along with my husband Rick and our grandson Justice.  We are both in our 60's raising our second or third family, we have lost count. Starting out in 2000 as a blended family, Rick came with 2 teenage children and me with 6 children and 2 grandchildren when we met.  We currently have 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandson's. So it has been many years of putting our lives together with all the chaos involved. HA! HA! HA!

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