Where are we today?

Might be different tomorrow...

Are you like us, want to see the world but don't have the private plane or yacht to do it in? If so, then maybe we can do it together by sharing ideas, experiences, mistakes and lessons learned. 

Rick is constantly telling me I need my own plane which of course would then involve a pilot, hanger and more money than we will ever have. 🤣 I have complained on more than one occasion about the flight patterns that commercial airlines use and the going north before we can go south to get to our destination. So now you have a glimpse into me, yes I am the control freak in the family. But also the dreamer and idea maker that has propelled us around the world twice in the last 8 years. 

Rick is the amazing man who has reluctantly agreed to move to Viet Nam and teach English so I could volunteer in an orphanage. Then he agreed to move to Italy (he is ½ Italian so it made sense to me) and be the chef at our 300 year old Farmhouse after we restored it. 

As we spent 6 months restoring the Italian farmhouse, he has expanded his list of talents to include electrical, plumbing, gardening, stone setting and much more. All while maintaining his presence in the farmhouse kitchen to make sure we and our guests were feed amazing local Italian dishes. Rick is more of the homebody but has adapted well to world travel and moving often which he doesn't particularly care for.

Justice who is our grandson by birth but lived with us most of his life now. Spent 5 years living in Italy and has been to 24 countries in the last 9 years since his birth. He is a great explorer and traveler and up for just about anything as long as gelato or ice cream can be found. ❤️

Our newest member to our family Sunny, arrived this week. Justice has been wanting a puppy since he could say the word. We figure he is old enough now to participate in caring for it. Of course we are stuck with the night duty 😁 Sunny is only currently 4 lbs of cuteness. Hoping he will make has first flight with us to Italy in June. 

Since we will never own a private jet or yacht I have developed ways over the years to get the lifestyle we want at a price we can actually afford. Here on our site you will find suggestions on how you can get where you want to go without taking out a second mortgage. Check out our vacation rentals below which include our Italian Farmhouse and Costa Rican Beach-house. Please contact me with any questions about travel in general and I'd be happy to help.

I have been working on my travel advisor designation so I can help more people achieve their travel dreams like ours. But with the current health scare world wide I have been focusing on helping others maintain their health with nutrition information. So check out our new Health and Nutrition tab up above.

We recently relocated back to the US and have settled in Venice Florida. Justice was hoping for Venice Italy. But with the current world virus crisis we look like genius's leaving Italy when we did. Of course it was just God again protecting us from ourselves. Praying by June to be back out traveling again...How about you?

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living in italy

June 16, 2018

1 Perfect Beach Day in Le Marche Italy

Sand in your toes, breeze in your hair, the smell of wonderful food cooking and the sound of water lapping on the shore, welcome to our slice of Italy.There are so many different beach towns along the East Coast of Italy on the Adr...

November 26, 2017

We always enjoy our evenings at “ Picciolo de Rame ” a small intimate setting in a 1000 year old castle in Vestignano, Le Marche Italy . Time always seems to stand still there as we were the first guests to arrive and the last to leave. Typical Italian hospitality come...

November 11, 2017

   Living part of the year here in Italy and traveling the world the rest has given Justice our grandson an amazing opportunity to meet so many different people. Here in this video Justice is being encouraged to paint with a local artist while she is showing her work....

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About Us

Susan here along with my husband Rick and our grandson Justice.  We are both in our 60's raising our second or third family, we have lost count. Starting out in 2000 as a blended family, Rick came with 2 teenage children and me with 6 children and 2 grandchildren when we met.  We currently have 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandson's. So it has been many years of putting our lives together with all the chaos involved. HA! HA! HA!

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