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2 paint or not to paint?

Living part of the year here in Italy and traveling the world the rest has given Justice our grandson an amazing opportunity to meet so many different people. Here in this video Justice is being encouraged to paint with a local artist while she is showing her work. He was being his normal shy self which really only last for about 5 minutes. haha

She was a visiting artist to our village, Colmurano Italy, during the #ArtiStrada (art on the street) which is held here in the 3rd week of July annually. Performers of all kinds come from all over the world to our little village of 1253 people. We being the 3 LOL We have seen a Korean drum core, Romanian Gypsy and Fire eaters, 1 man bands from Italy and everything in between. Musicians from the US, Europe, South America and everywhere else.

Just the way the artist in the video was so welcoming and warm with Justice is what he experiences here in Italy on a daily basis. The Italian people are the warmest and most kind people and it is all about Family. Adult children still live at home with their parents and grandparents and even after they get married and have children of their own. The kids here seem to be more free than in other places, might be because they have so many loving caring adults in their lives on a daily basis.

If you happen to be in an airport in Italy and are flying with a young chid an attendant will walk down the line (which could be very long) and pull you out and take you to the front just because it’s always about the family. If they don’t see you because they are busy just go to the front and tell them you have a small child and your trip just got much easier. This pretty much happens everywhere in Italy not just the airport so “Le famiglie sono I benvenuti” (Families are welcome).

Check back soon we will be offering up more great family travel info!

Susan, Rick & Justice

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