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13 Courses of Culinary Adventure in a Castle

We always enjoy our evenings at “ Picciolo de Rame ” a small intimate setting in a 1000 year old castle in Vestignano, Le Marche Italy . Time always seems to stand still there as we were the first guests to arrive and the last to leave. Typical Italian hospitality comes naturally there because you are treated as friends the first time you visit. Entering the front door you will be greeted by a very large grinding stone and

the owner/chef and seating for 30 people. The room is so authentic and pleasant you almost forget your sitting on 3 legged stools. If your visiting with children as we sometimes have our grandson Justice with us they will provide a 4 legged chair so they can be more secure. The menu is a set 13 courses (very small if your getting scared by the large number). Everything that Silvano and his staff prepare are extremely localized dishes, 3 of the courses we had last night were his mothers recipes. Just to name a few we enjoyed “polenta de roveja” (polenta made from lentils), “gnocchi co’ lo sugo de cunillu” (gnocchi with rabbit ragù), “caramella de pollo” (chicken wrapped in parchment paper and steamed). White and red local wines are served along with natural and frizzante (gassed) water and along with dessert cafe and dessert wine. Not only will the menu be an adventure but meeting Silvano will be a forever memory. He is not only the chef but a photographer, writer and lover of American football. He will personally come to your table to explain each course so you will have ample opportunities to engage in conversation about his many interests. Plan on a minimum of 3 hours for dinner but more like 4 to soak up every drop of the cultural morsels you will be served. Buon appetito! P.S. tell him Susan and Rick from Colmurano said “Ciao”

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