Pizza for 3 here in Italy

March 13, 2018

Pizza for 3 here in Italy


After much trial and error we are finally starting our family travel blog here from Italy. I say WE because Rick and Justice will be adding their 2 cents every now and then. Rick and I have had the privilege of traveling the globe and living the ex-pat lifestyle since we sold our businesses in Northern California in 2012. If you are receiving this, it' because you were one of our clients back in the US either in my insurance business or Rick's low vision business and we wanted to touch base with you and let you know where we are now.


Justice (our grandson now age 6) came on the scene permanently here in Italy 2 years later and we of course had to adapt everything in our lives. So a blog now just seems the right thing to do, we are hoping to share what we have learned traveling with a small child hence the title of our blog "TravelDreamFamily". 


Just a quick story about the first time we flew with him on the long flight here to Italy and totally forgot his carseat at the airport because it comes into a different area than our regular luggage. So while I sat and waited with a sleeping child on my lap at the rental car agency Rick hoofed it back to the terminal to retrieve the car seat, and so it began...


Since then Justice has been to 11 different countries and asks about once a week "when are we going to a hotel?" LOL He seems to love it as much or more than we do.


More to come from the traveling trio living here in Le Marche, Italy

Look for our other blog posts full of travel adventures and information that my be of help to you, learn from our many mistakes!


Till next time.


Susan, Rick and Justice



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