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1 Perfect Beach day in Le Marche Italy

1 Perfect Beach Day in Le Marche Italy

Sand in your toes, breeze in your hair, the smell of wonderful food cooking and the sound of water lapping on the shore, welcome to our slice of Italy.There are so many different beach towns along the East Coast of Italy on the Adriatic Sea. But if you have just 1 day to spend, here is our suggestion. Just 30 minutes from our Farmhouse in the beach community of Civitanova Marche you will find everything you need for a relaxing day. Sun, Sand, Water, friendly people, Food and of course #Wine since in Italy their MUST always be Wine.

Many of the beaches in Italy as well as Europe you will find pebbles or rocks rather than sand, but in Civitanova Marche you get sand which we prefer. The water in the Adriatic Sea is usually warm as the Adriatic is not very deep so it warms up quickly in the summer. There are only small waves so its perfect for swimming and the rock breaker walls keep the boats out of the beach area.

Civitanova has a marina and harbour where you can rent or just admire the boats. The Club Vela Portocivitanova has a sailing club and a Ragatta each year.

There are many many restaurants and beach resorts to choose from for your visit and we have tried many. Our new favourite is the Caribean Chalet, which is located at: Viale Quattro Novembre, 62012 Civitanova Marche MC, Italia you can call them at 073370503 country code 039 when not in Italy. If you call them ahead of time and reserve your beach chairs and umbrella you will get moved closer to the water. The cost of 2 chairs and 1 umbrella for the day is 18 euro which is pretty standard up and down the Adriatic. The restaurant at the Chalet is very good and you can have outdoor seating and still enjoy the view. Of course there is a small playground which is Justice’s favourite part other then digging in the sand.

Proper beach etiquette is that when you arrive to your chairs you acknowledge everyone in the chairs around you just by saying Buongiorno (good day) or Ciao. Also the attire will be bikini’s for women no matter what the age and speedo’s or board shorts for men. It is wonderful that Italian’s are not inhibited about their bodies the way American’s tend to be. But this is not France so guys don’t expect to see anyone topless, but of course occasionally there is a French visitor.

Once you have had your fill of the water, sand and sun we suggest you head over to the main square of Civitanova for a little people watching and gelato. #Gigi’s is our favourite gelato in all of Italy and defiantly worth a visit while here. You can either sit in the chairs provided or stroll through the community park and watch the children play. During the summer there are many concerts held in the main square and every Saturday morning there is a large market with everything from local produce, meats, cheeses, shoes, and linens to choose from.

If you have limited time and can only enjoy 1 Perfect beach day in our region of Italy visiting Civitanova Marche will give you a really good example of the real Italian beach life. During the month of August when all of Italy takes their vacation our beaches are shoulder to shoulder and filled with all the Italian’s exiting the big cities. So wether it is, sand and sun, water and boats or just seeing a typical Italian beach town you will find it here. Enjoy and don’t forget the sunscreen, click here to purchase non toxic sunscreen.


Susan, Rick & Justice

Comments and shares on our website are TOTALLY appreciated, Grazie

P.S. we leave for #Malta in 10 days so be on the lookout for our adventures there...

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