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#1 Thing American schools could learn from Italian's

Expat's living in Italy always an adventure for sure, but there are some things us Americna's could learn from the Italian's such as how to relax but this time it involves schooling our children. So we just left the end of the year conference with Justice's 1st-grade school teacher here in Le Marche Italy. Here is a copy of the beautiful commendation he received. We are American’s living here now on and off for the past 5 years.

Justice attended preschool here which was similar to the American preschool situations. Mostly play time a little art and reading thrown into the day. Due to the earthquake in 2016, we were forced to vacate our home here until the repairs we're completed. Bringing us back then in the summer of 2017. So he was able to start school in September of 2017 along with the other kids in first grade.

Well, what we just found out today at the end of the year conference is that the eleven kids in his first-grade class will retain the same teacher's until 5th grade. Really that is amazing to us to think that the children's well being is put first. So that means there is no change in routine for young children they maintain the same relationships with the 2 teachers who already know them and love them. WOW! we are impressed! Especially since we as the grandparents who struggle with our Italian language and Justice happens to have the only 2 teacher's in the school that speak some English, we are soooo lucky.

So if you are considering an international experience for yourselves and your children then maybe a Europeaon situtation might just be in order. For sure the #1 thing that American schools could learn from the Italian's is that keeping continuity of teachers is in the children's best interest. Plus teacher Monica said today "it keeps things more intereesting for the teacher's, they get to teach differnt things each year as the kid's progress and they get to watch the kid's grow up". Being in an environment where family comes first is a gift to the family itself. #teachers #Americanschools #betterforthekids #expatslivinginitaly #travelingwithchildren #culture #family #lifestyle

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