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Happy Thanksgiving from the Atlantic Ocean

Rick, Justice and I pray that this Thanksgiving Day will find you enjoying all your favorite foods with all your favorite people. We chose to do something different this year as our family is spread out all over the map. So here we are today on a cruise-ship in the middle of the Atlantic ocean with about 3,000 people most of which speak Spanish and are from Brazil or Argentina. We were surprised with the ship leaving from Italy that there were not more Italians on the ship and our Spanish is even worse than our Italian. HaHa! We left Genoa Italy on November 5th and will arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 26th. We have made many stops along the way which we will write about at another time, some we have been too before and some new to us.

We have assigned seating at dinner each night with the same table mate Peter from London, England. We assume the cruiseline arranged it that way since there are very few English speaking guests on board and Peter doesn't speak anything other than that. Today is his 82nd birthday so we have ordered a special pineapple upside down cake from the chef for the celebration. It will be interesting to see what it turns out like, since the chef admitted he had never made one before, so Rick provided him a recipe. Peter told us his favorite thing to eat was pineapple hence the special order of the cake. It said in our bulletin there would be some sort of acknowledgment of Thanksgiving so that will be interesting to see what they come up with.

If you have never done an Atlantic ocean crossing on a cruise ship you might want to consider it. First of all they are the cheapest cruises available because they are repositioning the ship to another part of the world. We find the sea days very relaxing and we get lots of ready done while Justice is entertained in the kids club. That is something we are especially Thankful for is the kids clubs on cruise ships. The young people who work in them are so kind and caring with all the kids, in fact they are even helping Justice now and then with his Italian homework. YEA! We assumed his teachers would be really mad at all the time he was going to miss this year on our 90 day trip from home but they were actually supportive and realized he will learn so much from this experience he could never get from a book. Leaving Genoa as Christopher Columbus did and then later in a few weeks we will be going through the Magellan straights, so excited! Our picture is from our rainy day in Lisbon, Portugal but fun was had by all, more on that later.

So today I ask, for me that you eat as much pumpkin pie as possible since I will not be seeing any I am sure tonight. We will hopefully enjoy watching Peter eat his pineapple upside down cake and get sung too by about 10 waiters speaking all different languages. Soon as we reach dry land next week I will be putting together some of our trip for you to enjoy with us and until then have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Those of you in California dealing with the horrible fires our hearts and prayers are with you all.

Till next time stay safe and always "Enjoy your journey, wherever it may lead you"

Susan, Rick & Justice

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