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Not going to apologize for our weather here 🌞

Just wanted to check in with you all from here in Panama and let you know it's 90’ and sunny. We will be here for 17 days enjoying the continued warm weather. Having just spent a month at our beach house in Costa Rica the warmth continues. To all those suffering in the cold in North America and Europe come on down and join us here.

This is the dry season here so we don't have to worry about being swept away in the rain either. It's pretty much a constant 90’ year round with mostly sun do I cam see why is the new Expat hub these days. The currency is the US dollar which makes things easy for those from the states.

We arrived to the beach finally yesterday, left the big city of Panama City behind. We really enjoyed our time there we averaged walking about 3 miles a day and saw a lot of things but will not miss the serious traffic. We love our room here with space to spread out and the view of the ocean. Justice is at kids club and we have some quiet for a few hours 🤪 The buffet restaurant (since this is an all-inclusive resort) could not figure out the MSG issue for me at dinner last night so the chef prepared me a separate plate of grilled chicken, potatoes and broccoli. I'm sure mine was better than the rest of the buffet. It's so funny drinks are included free but a small bottle of water is $1 😳 We plan to do nothing but relax and walk the beach for 10 days we are here but maybe go see a waterfall nearby one day.

Next week I will check back and tell you all about our month in Costa Rica.

Thank care and enjoy your journey wherever it takes you. If your looking for travel information or discounts on travel tickets check out our website as I have it loaded with information to help you.

Adios for now

Susan, Rick & Justice

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