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Moved to Florida from Italy Are we crazy?

Ciao Everyone,

Sorry it's been so long since I have been in touch but major changes have been going on in our lives. Rick became very ill beginning of last summer and had major surgery in July in Italy. Don't worry he is doing very well now but it brought us to some decisions about continuing to live in Italy. So September 1st we arrived back in the USA in Florida and started looking for a place to live. We have settled now or are getting settled here in Venice, Florida. Funny when we told people in Italy we were moving to Venice Florida all they heard was Venice and thought we meant just 4 hours from where we were living there. We have never lived in Florida, but I have a sister and her family here and our oldest granddaughter and great grandson are in Naples, Florida just 1.5 hrs drive. So we know a few people to start with.

So far we are enjoying the Florida lifestyle of shorts and flip flops, sound familiar since it's the website for our Costa Rica vacation rental. HaHa! Mostly I am enjoying how orderly everyone drives here, compared to Italy and Vietnam both of which street lights and lanes of traffic were merely suggestions. I know in time I will miss seeing a 1000 year old ruin on every hill in Italy and the architectural beauty that to me makes Italy the most beautiful place in the world. Having ended our 4 months of traveling half way around the world last year which I have still yet to share with you all and having seen some of the most iconic and amazing places in the world. Italy will always be the most beautiful place I have ever seen. From the first time when in visited in College in 1974 till now nothing can supply so much in one spot as the culture and magnificent beauty that Italy has to offer. So it is not 'goodbye' for us to Italy but just "until we meet again".

We are currently planning one month every summer to be in Italy enjoying all our favourite things it has to offer. Plus I keep telling Justice who is as fluent as an 8 year old can be in Italian, that he does not want to lose his bilingual  ability. Someday when he is older he will realize what at asset a second language can be. Needless to say he is doing really well here in his new Spanish class at school. God also provided him another 8 year old boy at his school here in Florida who is from Italy so they get to chat on occasion.

Since we will not be living in our private residence in Italy anymore; one of the interested party presented us with the fractional sale concept. So we have decided to sell it and offer it as a fractional sale since they were concerns about management and maintenance issues. We continue to manage the farm house so it's a natural for us to continue doing the same for this house.

Many of you may already be familiar with this type of purchase, but if not I will provide a brief explaination.  It is a fee simple purchase, not a time share.  In a factional ownership each owner is guaranteed a prescribed amount of access to the house, which in this case would be 2 months per year. Whether that 2 months is consecutive would be decided by the group of owners.  Additionally, each owner pays a portion of the annual management and maintenance fees, relative to the percent of ownership. We have decided to stay involved and be the management team that way no one has to reinvent the wheel as we have staff and know the banking procedures to pay utilities and workers. We will still retain 1/6 of ownership and sell the other 5/6 th.

We have already sold one share and they will be enjoying the townhouse in May and October this year. So with us being there from end of June through August 4th that leaves allot of empty weeks this year. So we have decided to offer a 2 night stay for free to anyone that would like to" try it before you buy it". That way you could actually see first hand the wonders of living in an Italian Village that is over 1,000 years old. Plus you could try out the house for yourselves and see if it's a good fit for you. All we ask is you cover the cleaning and laundry fees for your stay.

So if you have any interest in owning a part-time vacation home in Italy with no worries or work involved this is the perfect opportunity for you. You can click here to see more pictures and get more information about the historic townhouse. If you would like to book the "try it before you buy it" stay please contact me as soon as possible so I can get you on the calendar. Guess what you don't have to be rich and famous to own a house in Italy. You just have to know the right people, US!😁

Our home is set in the Historic center of a small village Colmurano in the Province of Macerata in the Region of Le Marche. 30 minutes from the Adriatic Sea for summer or 30 minutes from the Sibillini Mountains for hiking and skiing during the winter. 2.5 hours drive from Rome and 3 hours drive to Florence or Bologna. The perfect central location for easy access to other parts of Europe. Only 1 hours drive to Ancona International Airport.

Fractional purchase price for 1/6 $60,000 this will cover your legal fees for the purchase as well setting up the association here in the US.

Until next time, enjoy your Winter Weather wherever you maybe, as for us we will continue enjoying our warm weather here in Florida, it's 81' today and beautiful.

Enjoy the journey, Susan, Rick & Justice 🌴🏖☀️ Please follow us on Instagram here Facebook reviews would be sooooo appreciated here Read our blog and comment Enjoy our vacation rentals here:

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Susan Horn-Deubel
Susan Horn-Deubel
May 24, 2020

the price for the townhouse will be increasing December 31, 2020 so if you are interested at all let us know now?

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