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Who likes being sick? Ok silly question right, but sometimes we do things that make ourselves sick without even realising it. 

I have been a practicing herbalist since 1980, wow I just realised is 40 years 😃 which just means I have been using natural remedies including herbs for mine and my families medical and nutritional needs.


I started adopting my 6 children in 1982 and they were all drug babies and I needed a better way to help them get well so I turned to natural holistic methods. It worked they all became very healthy after a few years. 


I trained under two different master herbalist in my life and started a small health and nutrition business in California after becoming board with my insurance agency I owned for 25 years. 


When we chose to move out of the US in2012

I sold my insurance agency and closed up my herbal business. But it’s hard not to keep telling people about the benefits of natural medicine. So I have retained my affiliation with Natures Sunshine an herbal manufacturer here in the USA. 

Traveling as much as we do, many times we are exposed to things that other's who don't travel would not be. Please share your discoveries that you have found that work for you? We all use many of their products on a daily basis but there are a few that are a MUST when we travel so I will focus on those for now.

#1 is their Peppermint Oil we never leave home without it. I have given away so many bottles over the years I really have no idea. But when I see someone suffering with a cough or cold I just can't help myself not to give them a bottle. Many times I have given them to flight attendants because they can smell it when I open it on the plane to use right before we take off and land. Putting just a drop down my throat and a little under my nose and guaranteed all of us not getting in germs on the airplanes anymore. 


You can go directly to their WEBSITE

and purchase bottles as you will find it soon becomes a necessary staple in your life. You will also find yourself telling others about it and they will want to know how to get it. 

Check out the Tei Fu oil and lotion as well, we could not survive without those either 👍


When you log on to their website it will ask you to become a member which costs $40 per year but that amount can be applied to your purchase so it’s really free. If you would be so kind to put my member #256162 in The Who referred you section. 


#2 product that I personally can not live without NOW is a pain patch that I have been wearing 24/ since I received it 5 weeks ago and it really works. You can watch the video here: If you use this coupon code XPAIN it will save you 20%. Yes that picture is me actually wearing it. Next month I will be giving one away FREE (value $119) just go to our Instagram page and follow us then you will see the notice when I post it.


#3 is a Protein Powder I found I actually like. The fact it comes in a flavour called "brownie bater" doesn't hurt 🤣

Wether were are at home like now or traveling I seem to always be in need of additional protein. By FNX  if you use this link you will save 15% I use the one in the picture because it has additional Collagen in it and I need all the extra I can get.

"The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it"


It has so many uses like for anything respiratory related. Whenever we get on a plane, train, bus etcetera we use it to ward off germs from others.


It works great for headaches, my mother has Ménière’s disease and she lives on peppermint oil rather than the medication the doctor prescribed for over 50 years. 2020-04-14 16:48:08-0400-1
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